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1. Mr. Sudambhai Shankarbhai Patel President
2. Mr. Sudhirkumar Girdhar Mali Vice – President
3. Mr. Kashinathbhai Raghunathbhai Patel Treasurer
4. Mr. Jagdishbhai Ramanlal Chaudhari Member
5. Mr. Nikhilkumar Nemichand Turkhiya Member
6. Mr. Bharatbhai Baban Mali Member
7. Mr. Gautamchand Sonraj Jain Member
8. Mr. Dineshchandra Ghelabhai Desai Member
9. Mr. Dr. Purshottam Shivalal Wani Member
10. Mr. Sumanlal Krishnadas Shah Member
11. Mr. Narayan Manohar Mali Member
12. Mr. Panjabrao Prataprao Bhoge Member
13. Mr. Sureshbhai Ranchod Suryawanshi Member
14. Mr. Harchand Supadu Kedar Member
15. Mr. Narayan Budha Rajkule Member
16. Mr. Prof. Ramesh Vedu Suryawanshi Member
17. Mr. Prof. Mahadu Sitaram Patil Member
18. Mr. Adv. Padamakarji V. Valvi , M.L.A Co-op Member


Mr. Prin. Raosaheb M. Patil

Dr. P.V. Ramaiah

Co-op Member



Details on the following aspects of curriculum design


Innovation such as modular curricula.

The teachers of our college have played an important role in developing and designing model curricula .

a) An University level workshop on review and restructuring of syllabi

for BSW & MSW Courses was organised at Pal Dist. Jalgaon in

1997 . Following teachers participated in the workshop

1) Mr. R. M. Patil , Acting Principal

2) Mr. S. S. Magare , Lecturer

3) Mr. S. G. Mali , Lecturer

4) Mr. B. M. Patil , Lecturer

b) Our college took initiative in organising a two days workshop for

Restructuring of syllabi on the basis of UGC model curriculum on

12th and13thJuly,2002 at Taloda Dist. Nandurbar. The Model syllabus prepared by our college jointly with the teachers of other colleges of Social Work has been accepted in toto and implemented by the University Authorities from the academic year of 2003-04. Mr. S.S.Magare of our college served as facilitator during the process of restructuring of the curriculum for BSW And MSW courses.

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach

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